Black Nova Designs

Representative: Danielle Holmes

What is Black Nova Designs?

Back Nova offers an award-winning web design and hosting service, alongside IT support for small businesses, sole traders and individuals. All enquiries are handled in-house at their Calne offices in Wiltshire, where friendly and trained staff aim to simplify technical problems and dispel the jargon, so that the client can understand both the problem and the solution. The company also operates a no-fix, no-fee service helping reduce costs for its customers.


There are many different types of business referral groups in Swindon, offering a variety of opportunities at different times of the day. How do you know which one is right for you? Well you don’t, you’ve just got to try them out and see which one you feel you have a good rapport with, have the same values as and that will provide the right level of support and growth for your business.

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