Barbara Leatham Corporate & Commercial Photography

Representative: BARBARA LEATHAM

What is Barbara Leatham Corporate & Commercial Photography?

Barbara Leatham Photography has been delivering commercial photography for over 15 years to businesses UK wide. Anything from simple head shots to a full shoot covering case studies and capturing images for all marketing needs.

As well as doing commercial photography, I also teach businesses how to improve their own photography, Working in your own space and with your own equipment I will share my photographic knowledge and help you to create a series of high quality photos which reflect your brand style and values. At the same time I will train and upskill up to four team members so that you can replicate these images and ensure that your online presence is visually strong and consistent.

Finally, if you have a camera that’s collecting dust because you’re not sure how to use it, or you want to improve your photography by getting your camera off auto, I also teach 1-2-1.


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