Lis McDermott Author

Lis McDermott Author

Lis McDermott Author

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107 Blain Place
Royal Wootton Bassett

Lis McDermott is an author, copywriter and writing mentor. She has published eight books, in a variety of genres, including non-fiction, fiction and poetry, through a small publishing house in Cardiff.

She supports other businesses by writing their blogs, or helping business owners to plan content if they want to write their own.

Having published the variety of books she has, and worked in education for 34 years, her inner ’teacher’ wants to empower others to write. Therefore she runs writing workshops to explore the reasons why, for whom and what people want to write to start them on their books.

She can also support them on their writing journey by regularly mentoring them individually in the best way to help them finish their project.

Lis also runs poetry workshops and hopes to run writing retreats in the future.

Author of:
“Mixed Feelings” - an autobiography & love story
“A Tilted View” - a collection of poetry
“Changing Lives” - short stories
“Headshot Diva”
All available on Amazon