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Lauren Reynolds

Business Development Manager
Business Coaching
 ActionCOACH Oxon & Wilts

01793 251123
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Passionate about helping business owners through 1-2-1 business coaching, GrowthCLUB, our 90 day planning workshop, half day seminars and business clubs; we are focussed on generating the results our clients need and want, which allows them to enjoy the lifestyle they choose and deserve.

A portfolio of services means we are able to cater for almost any business, whether you own a start-up ready for growth, a solid business that you want to refine or even take to the next level; we help you to achieve those results.

We work with owners that have businesses of all sizes to leverage their business, which means they have the time and the profit to own the lifestyle and the business they really want to have.

Ellis has prolific experience and knowledge that he can use to help you effectively and systematically generate profit, add value and grow your business; he understands the importance of the constant momentum required to propel your business forward.

This, coupled with the desire to share his knowledge and help owners develop their businesses has led him to join the world’s leading business coaching firm; ActionCOACH. Access to proven intellectual property, training and development resources means he his fully equipped to empower and guide his clients as he coaches them to drive their business forwards.

Book a complimentary business review with Ellis if you haven’t yet achieved the vision you have for your business, you are working longer hours than you want or you aren’t sure your business is going in the right direction to offer you the freedom to choose what you want to do with your time. An award winning business coach distinctly different from the rest, fully equipped to help you get the results you want and deserve from your business, not just the results that you need.