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Now that you’ve found out a little about us at BusinessWise, please feel free to get in touch.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you:

Can I join if there’s someone else like me who is already a member?

No, I’m afraid not. We have agreed as a group to operate a single seat policy so one member’s business cannot clash with another in the group. If you wish to go on a waiting list then we’d be happy to keep your details.

How many times can I visit free of charge before making a decision?

You can visit twice in a row absolutely free of charge. We will then ask you to make a decision one way or another.

Are the fees set in stone?

Our fees are decided by the group and reflect the current circumstances we face in business. They will be subject to change over time, however those changes will be agreed as a group. From January 2022, our costs are £250 membership fee in year one, then £150 per year on renewal per seat. The currently monthly cost, to be paid by direct debit or standing order, is £35. Please be aware, should a member leave the group at any time there will be no refund of the membership fee.

Can I ‘sub’ for a member?

Yes you can if asked – however if your business clashes with that of an existing member then you will not be able to talk about your business at all during the formal part of our meetings.

Do you have ‘open’ networking events?

Yes we do from time to time and we do ask that you keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements. It’s unlikely we will be holding such an event until 2022 due to the pandemic.

What’s expected of me if I join?

We ask all members to be proactive and to take part in the group through good referrals and general support. We also ask members to attend meetings on a regular basis (every fortnight) or find a ‘sub’ on the odd occasion when you cannot attend. We will ask a member who does not turn up for a prolonged to give up their seat and allow another business owner to join.

What other activities do you take part in?

We undertake marketing activities as members of BusinessWise including advertorial in our local business magazine, regular updates on our Facebook page which is open to all members to become admins and share their own news, we take stands at local trade shows to show our commitment to the local business community. We have social events, including an annual Christmas ‘do’ and we host occasional open networking events which are low cost, or even free, for all who attend.

Will I be expected to support the charitable member?

Yes you will. This can be in various ways throughout the year. It could be through a cash donation when an appeal is taking place, through a donation of services if that is relevant to your skill set or through volunteering. How you engage is very much up to you.

We meet at:

Basset Down Complex
Lower Salthrop
SN4 9QW.
Every Friday Morning From 6.45am - 8.30am

If you would like to join us from a non-competing sector, please see our members list to make sure there is no conflict, why not come along for free.

We have many businesses that work so well together, you could also benefit from this. Come along for a visit sometime to see what it’s all about.

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There are many different types of business referral groups in Swindon, offering a variety of opportunities at different times of the day. How do you know which one is right for you? Well you don’t, you’ve just got to try them out and see which one you feel you have a good rapport with, have the same values as and that will provide the right level of support and growth for your business.

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