We are Excalibur Communications, we provide business communications and IT, partnering with small to medium enterprises to stop organisations accepting poor service from networks directly.

Excalibur is a local technology business with c60 employees and specialises in partnering with organisations throughout the region. We have 5 core offerings including mobile phones, IT support and projects, connectivity solutions, phone systems and consultancy.

Brett joined Excalibur in May 2017 working as an Account Manager. On April 1st 2018, he moved into a new role as an Business Development Executive. Brett is passionate about working with local businesses, helping them to consolidate their supply of business communications, saving them time and money so that they can concentrate on driving growth.

Excalibur host Discovery Days monthly at their HQ in West Swindon, offering businesses the opportunity to enjoy a commercials free environment where they can learn about how both new and existing technologies can gain cost efficiencies, improve processes and improve employee engagement. Excalibur share their journey in this hands-on event to provide inspiration for growing organisations.

If you would like to be added to the guest list for an event, please follow this link and select the best date, we would love to meet you! https://www.excaliburcomms.co.uk/discovery-day-sign-up/